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triathlon coaching without the price tag
A triathlon course to CHALLENGE your limits, EXCITE your soul and LIFT your expections. 
have your results PLATEAUED and you're not sure what to do to get faster?
When you first get started in triathlons the results come quickly. You find that you are getting faster across the board, you're leaning up and feeling great but then the improvements stop.

It's as if the training you were doing is no longer working. So you look on the internet and it's full of advice, tips and training sets many of which contradict each other.
Yep. We've been there.
because training for a triathlon is hard on your own...
Knowing what training to do without paying a personal coach is difficult. There is so much information on the internet but it's full of coaches who have only been coaching for five minutes. Each piece of coaching advice you read contradicts the last one and you don't know what training advice to follow or how to combine it all together in a program that you can train with.
You see other people training for a triathlon but they seem to have time that you just can't find for yourself. It's not just finding time around work and the kids though; you have a family budget and you can't justify spending the type of cash that you see your workmates splash around on the latest bikes and triathlon kit.
everything is about ironman which you're not ready for
Once you get started in triathlons it feels like you are bombarded with people racing Ironman. But you've only been training for a couple of years and aren't yet ready or have the time for the longer distance. At this stage you want to keep your training short and your time flexible. 
after starting in triathlons over 10 years ago...
i know what it's like to not know what training to do...
...or what coach to trust
a way to get results without paying a forture,
and now...
WE ARE On a mission to help triathletes just like you!
here's my story...
There I was I had just moved to Brisbane, Australia and was a complete beginner trying to train for my first triathlon.
The thing is, at the time I didn't know what training to do or even what to wear.
I plucked up the courage to join the local triathlon club. Everyone there was racing these HUGE distances while my goal was to finish a sprint triathlon.

One of the girls in the group actually laughed when she asked me what I was training for and I said the sprint triathlon on the Gold Coast.

If I wasn't so determined to challenge myself by finishing this triathlon I would have given up. There was no one to show me how to train properly or even to give me advice on what to wear!

Then, as if by chance, something amazing happened...

I met my husband Mark in 2008 and it was then that I saw what a triathlon coach could do. He knew the importance of people learning the right way to train.

This meant that people had more confidence to try their first triathlon, they stayed in the sport for longer and made permanent changes to their health and fitness.

Our plan was to help more people train the right way and get results in triathlons.

So we started a triathlon club in Brisbane. But we didn’t stop there.

We then launched beginner courses to train people for their first triathlon.

After that, we built up the club around the beginner courses so that people kept training and achieving their goals.

Bottom line: In the end we were able to help over 600 people finish their first triathlon with many going on to longer distances including the ultimate Ironman.

Building on that success, we decided to help more people by taking it online.
We call it “Hit The Ground Running”.

We know what difference setting a goal and being part of a community can make to people's health and fitness which is why we are focused on people staying in triathlon long-term.

And that's where our Hit The Ground Running course comes in... to help people around the world commit to training for triathlon and change their lifestyle for the better!

And that's why I'm so excited to share this with you so you can get these types of results too!

So here's what I've got for you today...

If you're a triathlete who wants to improve their results but are having trouble knowing what training to do, here's the solution you've been looking for...
Can you imagine what it would be like to cross the finish line with your fastest time yet? To challenge your expectations? And to show not only your kids but the world what you can do?
and more!
Get the Above Benefits And Results Without.....

Wasting money paying for a personal coach...

Wasting time researching training techniques...

Wasting energy with sessions that don't have a benefit....

triathlon can change your life...
We've seen triathlon change the lifestyles of hundreds of people. People just like you!
live your best life
Your comfort zone is where boredom lives. We all want to be challenged but often don't know how to take the first step to achieving a goal. This course does just that. We'll show you week by week how to train and teach you what you need to know.
look good in lycra
There's a reason why 'how to lose weight' is one of the most searched terms at the beginning of the year. But don't make weight loss your goal make it a side effect of training for something that inspires, motivates and encourages you to exercise.
connect with others
We've seen first hand people make lifelong friends and even partners through triathlons. It's a community that loves to be fit, happy and social.  You can never have too many friends and finding other people to exercise with  makes a world of difference.
It's not just a sport but a lifestyle... we've seen people get involved in triathlons and make changes not only to their physical health but their mental well-being.
now you can get the coaching you need to 'hit the ground running'
Our Hit The Ground Running course is a 12 week online triathlon program that will take you through week-by-week how to train for a sprint or Olympic distance triathlon.  
weekly training program

weekly coaching videos

customised to your swim, bike and run ability

what's included
how to train
What training to do and what to do in your swim, bike and run sessions to make your BIGGEST improvements. The 12 week program will give you the exact sessions to complete each week.
​The secrets to training for swimming, cycling and running for triathlon. Yes, it's different to one sport on it's own. Plus we'll explain what on earth a brick is and why you should include them.
​How to make permanent lifestyle changes that will make you healthier, fitter and happier including how to fit triathlon into a busy life (and some pro tips for the time-crunched triathlete) .

how to step it up
​​As a member of World Multisport we'll help you to take the next steps as you tick each distance off your bucket list . Even if you're just starting out you can still set longer term goals for an Ironman triathlon.

beat the barriers
​​It's not just physical so we also address mindset and the psychological side of training and racing (because whether you think you can or think you can't... you're right) .

fuel your success
​​We focus on simple nutrition #bananasnotbiscuits and show you how to correctly fuel yourself (with tips on both nutrition AND hydration) . Get the basics right and you'll see results.

it's not just a 12 week program but a course to teach you how to use  your goal to change more than just your race time.
The first step to achieving your goals is to take action and make a commitment. It's easy to get something for free, do it for a few days then get distracted by work, family, life...

We are looking for the action takers. The people that really want to push their limits and make a change.
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
We guarantee that if you watch the video coaching, implement what you learn and complete the training sessions by the time the Hit The Ground Running course is done, you will have the tools, the fitness and the confidence to complete your sprint triathlon.

If for some reason you don't feel like that is true, then you can email us by the end of the 12 week program and receive a full refund of $47.

Pretty simple.

But if you're like most people, this experience will get you to your finish line (and for some of you, it'll change your life!)
but wait there's more...
The Coaching Huddle
You might be training on your own but that doesn't mean you are alone!
Join Mark LIVE each month as he talks triathlon training and answers all of your questions. No question is too silly and he'll be covering everything from what to wear to how to add speed to your run leg.
The Fuel Station
You can't train at your best if you are not fuelling yourself properly. This meal plan will assist with your training by helping you to eat healthy and give you the energy you need for your day.

Includes a four week meal plan plus shopping list already done for you.
Tower of Strength
Let's face it; we're all getting older and need to work on our core strength and stability. 

This strength program is targeted specifically at  beginner triathletes and we've designed it to complement the sprint and olympic triathlon programs.

The Locker Room
Online doesn't mean alone which is why we have set-up a private Facebook community for all World Multisport members.

As an official member you'll receive access to this group where you can ask questions and get answers straight from us or the WM community.
hit the ground running
12 Weeks To Your Next Personal Best 
12 Weeks Custom Program............................. (Value $147)
Weekly Coaching Videos ................................. (Value $97)
Monthly Coaching Webinar ........................... (Value $97)
Four Week Meal Plan ........................................ (Value $47)
Strength Program ............................................... (Value $47)
don't just take our word for it...
I was so nervous heading to my start of my first triathlon that I felt physically sick. But once the gun went off and I took that first stroke all the training I did with World Multisport kicked in. The feeling of crossing that finish line was amazing and if it wasn't for the training program I would have kept putting it off".
- Rod Chester, australia.
I LOVE that the Hit The Ground Running course is taking me through the process step-by-step. With the awesome training from Coach Mark I am finally making progress towards achieving what's been a long term goal. I just needed to stop thinking and start doing!
- Jill mackay, singapore.
hit the ground running
12 Weeks To Your Next Personal Best 
12 Weeks Custom Program............................. (Value $147)
Weekly Coaching Videos ................................. (Value $97)
Monthly Coaching Webinar ........................... (Value $97)
Four Week Meal Plan ........................................ (Value $47)
Strength Program ............................................... (Value $47)
frequently asked questions
Do I Need A Bike?
The short answer is yes you will need a bike but you have a few options...
1. A road or tri bike. This is perfect if you already own a road or a tri bike as you're all set to go. But if so, you probably haven't asked this question so read on...
2. Mountain bike, hybrid or a dusty two wheels from under the house. It doesn't matter what type of bike you are on as long as it is safe and can get you from point A to point B. If you haven't ridden your bike in a long time we recommend getting it checked out at your local bike shop.
3. Spin bike. Whilst you won't be able to practice any bike skills you could do your training on a spin bike at the gym. Then you'll just need to work out either hiring or borrowing a bike for race day.
I Am A Complete Beginner. Will The Program Cater For Me?
Our programs are customised to your ability level individually for the swim, bike and run. So if you're a complete beginner you will select the beginner option for all three. If you think the sprint distance of 750m swim, 20km bike and 5km run is too huge for you to train for at the moment then just stick with the Be A Triathlete challenge for a while and complete shorter distance tris until you are ready for the next step.
I Can Only Swim One Lap Without Stopping. Do You Recommend This Program?
We recommend that you should already be able to swim atleast 400m without stopping (the speed doesn't matter) before starting the sprint distance program. If you are not able to swim this distance yet we highly recommend the Tri Swim Coach swimming program to improve your swimming first.
Be An Action Taker. Hit The Ground Running With Our 12 Week Triathlon Course To Change Your Lifestyle, Look Fantastic In Lycra And Hit Your Next Triathlon PB. Last Chance At This Price.
Hit the ground running
12 Weeks To Your Next Personal Best
12 Weeks Custom Program............................. (Value $147)
Weekly Coaching Videos ................................. (Value $97)
Monthly Coaching Webinar ........................... (Value $97)
Four Week Meal Plan ........................................ (Value $47)
Strength Program ............................................... (Value $47) - All Rights Reserved - Terms & Conditions
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